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Our Amazing  Breakfast

To provide social distancing during breakfast, we have reimagined our dining rooms by replacing our large dining room tables with separate, two top tables. Guests may dine individually..or at your request, we can push tables together for a family or friends setting.  Either way, we are still serving our amazing multi-course breakfast, each and every morning.

Our amazing breakfast is always served in two courses!  We may serve a first course that is on the sweeter side, some might even call it desert  but we call it first course...

Your breakfast may start with a first course of our  warm luscious Louisiana Bread Pudding warm maple sauce, or our Blueberry or Raspberry Croissant Bread Pudding topped with whipped cream.    We also serve our Peach or Cherry Crisp baked with a coconut and pecan topping  and served with vanilla Greek yogurt.  And our newest first course is our mouthwatering baked Apple Dumplings, OH MY!   Who said you could not have dessert first?!
followed by one of our savory second courses…
To balance out our sweeter  first courses we usually pair them with  them with our wide variety of savory egg dishes.    Our popular Rolled Omelette, made with with Canadian bacon and Pepper Jack cheese,  is  baked then rolled and served with our Rosemary Potatoes or our Julienne Au Gratin Potatoes and piping hot baked biscuits or English muffins.  Our Baked Eggs and in Ham Crisps is an elegant baked egg dish with savory mushrooms and  creme fraiche cradled in Black Forest ham and is typically served with our sour cream cheese grits and a side of tomato slices.
Our gourmet Southwestern Eggs, made with oregano, fresh tomatoes, green onions and  mozzarella cheese are baked in individual ramekins and paired with our zesty Southwestern grits and if you want to get crazy we serve them with salsa.   We also prepare Eggs Benedict, a breakfast classic, which is  a poached egg served on  slices of Canadian bacon, drizzled with Hollandaise sauce on an English Muffin.

Another egg dish we often prepare begins with a freshly baked biscuit, split in two halve and topped with Canadian bacon, shredded sharp cheddar cheese and scrambled eggs and finished off with drizzled Bearnaise sauce…we call it Eggs Bearnaise,  it is the only way to eat scrambled eggs!   Last, we don’t want to forget the Crust less Quiche with sauteed red peppers, green onions with cheddar cheese and  sausage or ham.   It is sliced like a pie and served with one of our many potato or grit sides.

If  we are going to have the pleasure of you joining us breakfast multiple mornings  then we going to mix it up a little and add a little excitement to your palette….We may start  with our lighter first courses to keep it healthy but then proceed to our popular Belgian Waffle, French Toast and Pancake recipes.

or we may serve one of out fruit inspired healthier first courses…

We serve different combinations of fresh fruit including fresh pineapple, red grapes and strawberries or cantaloupe and green grapes.  strawberries.  A guest favorite is our Fruit Sundae which is an old fashioned Sundae dish layered with strawberries, bananas, blueberry’s, vanilla Greek yogurt, granola and served with honey drizzled  on top!


Now doesn't fruit taste so much better when somebody else cuts it up for you and puts it in a pretty little serving dish?!

Fresh fruit served as a first course.   A guest favorite!

followed by baked Pancakes, Belgian Waffles and Stuffed French Toast Oh My!


Double Decker Belgian Waffles, topped with strawberries, pecans and whipped cream, served with warm syrup, or our recently added  entree Apple Spice Belgian Waffles topped with Caramelized apples and whipped topping.   Also a popular dish is our Mamma’s French Toast, freshly made with caramelized cinnamon, sprinkled with powdered sugar, and served with warm syrup and sausage patties or our Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast, drizzled with an orange almond apricot glaze.  


Finally  we don’t want forget our Baked Pancakes. We serve three of our favorite pancake recipes, Blueberry Upside-Down, Apple Strudel and Banana pancakes, served hot with warm maple syrup and ample whipped cream…. enough said!

This is a photo of Angela the "Banana Nana" Pancake Queen!

Now if Angela, our Reservations Specialist and Innkeeper extraordinaire at our Andrew Morris House property happens to be your innkeeper during your stay you will not have to ask her, not even once,  for her to prepare her Banana Baked Pancakes!    There is a reason she is the “Banana Nana” Pancake Queen!

We also serve a medium roast coffees, a variety of teas and our own specially blended fruit drink. which is a secret.  See if you can tell us what is in it!

With 24 hour notice we can also create wonderful Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten Free entrees as well.

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